Shared Instruction – $60 (per person)

Want to learn Stand Up Paddleboarding with a friend or another family member? This lesson is slightly more economical and together you will learn the basic techniques for stand up paddling. Our instructor will have you entering the water, paddling with the proper stance, using efficient strokes and turning all in one lesson.

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One Hour – $20

Two Hours – $35

​* Rentals include a premium quality NSP paddleboard & Trident adjustable paddle

Individual Instruction – $95

Interested in learning to Stand Up Paddleboarding in one session? This is the program for you! A full 60-minute session with an instructor devoted solely to you. Ocean safety, entering the water, proper stance, stroke and turning are all covered. Be a part of the fastest growing sport in the world. 


Instruction with 3 persons – $55 (per person)

​Instruction with 4 persons – $50 (per person)

On vacation with the family? Want to spend the afternoon with your friends? This 60-minute Stand Up Paddleboarding class will have you all stand up paddling by the end of the session. No matter what your experience or level of fitness, all entry level techniques will be taught by our enthusiastic instructor!

Join us and combine the peace & serenity of Yoga with the on-water fluidity of Stand Up Paddleboard

Your instructor will join the two activities to provide a unique way to challenge your mind and body on the water. After a short instruction on SUP skills you will paddle out for a relaxing and energizing yoga session that will help build your balance, strength, endurance and meditation. No previous paddling skills necessary, just an open mind and willing body.

We offer small class sizes to ensure safety and close interaction with the instructor.

SUP Yoga Class duration: 60-minutes

Price: $45 (per person)